Zhejiang Wuyi Wanlong Doors Industry CO.,LTD was established in April 21, 2006.It is located in Wangshantou Industrial Zone, Quanxi Town, Wuyi county which has lots of  factories assembled and beautiful environment.The enterprise is making production research and sales of steel wooden armored doors. At present, the company has a staff of 166 people. The daily output of steel wooden armored doors reaches more than 200 sets.The products are exported to all over the world. 


The company adheres to the service idea of
"Genuinely service and perfectly persuit"

Zhejiang Wuyi Wanlong Doors Industry CO.,LTD  is a professional engaged in steel wooden armored doors manufacturing enterprise. Since its beginning, the company adheres to the service idea of " Genuinely service and perfectly persuit " .It is committed to be a variety of steel wood armored doors customization, design ,production and sales of integrated enterprise. 

The company was founded in 2006 and it is near the wuyi county which is an enterprise with design, development, production, processing and sales all together.Since its establishment, it has developed into a company with covers an area of 16000 square meters and daily output of 200 sets doors! Development up to now, the number of employees reaches more than 166 people, from the original 10 people,  

In order to response to the government of “improve the production efficiency, and eliminate backward production capacity” at the end of 2012, 

about wanglong

the company spent a huge sum of money to import many fully automated equipment (sino-german joint venture with high-speed turret processing center, sino-italian joint venture with automatic and abnormity sanding machine and CNC bending machine, etc.). We are specializing in the production of various countries in high-grade armored doors and they can be customized according to different countries’ customers requirements. The doors quality and appearance is close to reaching the same products abroad. We receives good fame from foreign customers and can meet the requirements of large quantities and high quality.

The technique and technology of our main products- steel wooden armored doors, was founded in foreign countries, mainly in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and South America. The steel wooden armored doors were introduced to domestic production in the Ninety’s. The main technical features are: steel and wood perfect combination, personalized customization, more sweet and beautiful appearance, and wooden feeling stronger. After years of accumulation and hard work, according to the different countries customer habits, we have successfully developed the fist products include four categories: Turkey style armored doors (Mainly in Africa and Middle East), Italy style armored doors (mainly in Europe and Africa), Normal style armored door (mainly in Asia and the domestic engineering).

The company's products are mainly for export. The sale in domestic market accounts for only 10% of total sales. And the doors are well received by the foreign traders. Till the end of 2019, the company's products have been sold to more than 180 countries. All doors are with orders production, according to different requirements of customers sizes and colors. 

The company has four philosophies:


1.Enterprise spirit:build righteous and to be moral;

2.Business strategy: to the most stringent requirements to produce perfect products, and exert maximum satisfy customer demands;

3.Service concept: we are the actor, the customer is the judge;

4.Enterprise target: Endless innovation and possibility; Endless pursuit of excellence;

By hard efforts of the staff,  “Wanlong " company will seize the opportunity and accept the challenge to create a new brilliance. We hope more and more customers will cooperate with us and we will create a better future together.


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